Day One in Ubud

Mike arrived around dinner last night so now our group is finally complete. The first order of business today is to meet with Iluh, our local site coordinator. Over the past few years, we realized that meeting with Iluh in Ubud a few days before we arrived in Munduk made a huge difference in our readiness to work in the schools. Plus we get to see our Bali sister that much sooner and catch up on her activities of the past year.

Rice fields surrounding our villa

During the meeting we made all the final arrangements for the service part of our trip: last minute details about the sponsored child party, transportation to the schools and adding a few more students to our sponsor list (more about that in tomorrow’s post).

After we said goodbye to Iluh we went to tour the Education Rocks compound and meet with Eke, the non-profit’s leader in Ubud. Education Rocks is an organization that pairs children in the US with a child in Bali to support their education and build cross-cultural ties. Since starting in 2008, their work has really grown and now supports over 300 students.

Kathryn at the Education Rocks compound

After the meeting we arranged a healing massage for Michael’s sore back. He hurt it packing our supplies for the trip. The day ended with some quiet time for dinner and a stroll back to our villa in the rice fields.

Tomorrow will be an early start for our team as we go for a bike ride and then whitewater rafting.

Crazy bamboo structure


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