Ubud to Munduk

Leaving Ubud is always a little hectic because we’re trying to move 7 people and 14 big pieces of luggage into two rather small vehicles. Luckily our driver/fixer Wayan is a master of packing and soon we’re on our way up the mountain to Munduk.

Along the way, we stopped at Bedugal to visit the market, pick up some supplies and have lunch at the temple on Lake Beratan. The sponsor student party starts at 3 pm so we don’t have too much time to linger. Just a quick stop at Sanda House (where we’ll stay while working on the schools) and off again to Iluh’s house for the party.

Sharon, Kathryn and Patricia at the Bedugal Market

Ulun Dano Beratan Temple

We’re a bit late when we arrive and the compound is already packed with students and their parents. Since we sponsor more students each year, the party grows accordingly. This year we did more advance promotion and the turnout is almost 100%. It looks like about 200 people including family members.

Sponsored students (boys) at the annual Heart, Mind & Soul party

Sponsored students (girls) at the annual Heart, Mind & Soul party

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned the activities at the party – cards prepared by the students for their sponsors, backpack and supplies handed out, and photos taken. After the work is done, we enjoy a traditional dance presentation by some of the students. Ilu’s two-year-old daughter participated and you can tell she’s got the makings of a star.

Iluh’s daughter, Emma

​​​The dance is followed by a few games. The first is a rice cake eating contest that everyone really enjoys. It’s followed by a water balloon toss that is also a tradition at these parties. 

It’s finally around 6 pm and getting dark when everything finally winds down. It’s a great feeling when we see four empty bags and know we’ve made a small improvement in the lives of 66 students and their families.

There’s just time for a quick dinner before heading back to Sanda House for bed. Tomorrow we’ll be up at 6 am to start our work in the schools.


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