Working in Munduk – A Visit to our Smallest School

Once again we’re up at 6 am for our day working in the schools. Today we’re splitting up the team. Sharon is going to Gobleg to observe the entire school day and the rest of our group is heading off to the school in Ringdikit. We don’t get to visit this school each year because it’s far off the beaten path but it’s one of our favorites for a variety of reasons.

First, it’s Iluh’s home village so it’s great to travel there with her. It’s also the first (and only so far) school that was built through the generous donations of our Heart, Mind & Soul sponsors. The school only has eleven students because the village is so small. When we were last there several years ago, the building was a concrete frame with temporary plywood walls. After supporting the school with donations for two years, the local government took over and completed the construction with a community building on the same site.

Iluh, Kathryn and Patricia working with the students

Ringdikit School

On our last visit we dedicated the building to Peggy Brown, who was Kathryn’s first teacher aide in 1983. Peggy was a mentor to Kathryn and many other teachers at Saints Simon and Jude School in Huntington Beach, CA. She continues to inspire us each day as she struggles with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Dedication to Peggy Brown

After visiting Ringdikit, we hiked to our favorite waterfall and visited the home of our sponsored student, Ni Luh. Ni Luh currently attends vocational school in a nearby city so we enjoyed the company of her parents, siblings and other family members in the area. It was a unique experience to see how simply they lived in the jungle. Most of the family earn their living as clove pickers. Their daughter’s study of accounting will someday enhance the entire family’s standard of living.

Michael and Kathryn at the waterfall

The home of Ni Luh, our sponsored student

Sharon spent the afternoon helping with an English class in Gobleg and didn’t return until late in the day. We ended the day with Iluh and her husband Gede at a quiet dinner.


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